With Aqua+, your Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor becomes waterproof, so you can swim and enjoy your favourite water activities swim without the need for any cumbersome cables, cases or a special sound processor.


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  1. Nucleus Aqua+ Coil (6M)

    Nucleus Aqua+ Coil (6M)

  2. Aqua+ Kit Outside View

    Nucleus 5 / 6 Aqua+ Kit

  3. Aqua+ N22 Coil (1 pcs)

    Aqua+ N22 Coil (1 pcs)

  4. Aqua+ Coil (1 pcs)

    Aqua+ Coil (1 pcs)

  5. Aqua+ Sleeve (2 pcs)

    Aqua+ Sleeve (2 pcs)

  6. Etui Activiteitskit

    Etui Activiteitskit

  7. Nucleus Mic lock-beugel

    Nucleus Mic lock-beugel

  8. Aqua Plus Nucleus Safety Line-Z467062


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