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Promotion Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions And Exclusions (“Terms”)–2021 Spring Summer Sale (“Offer”)

*To receive the 20% discount, you must:

a. Complete your purchase during the promotion period from 10:00 PM (MST) on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to 9:59 PM (MST) on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 on the U.S. online Cochlear Store at

b. Enter promotion code SUMMER-21 in shopping cart

The promotion code will not be valid until it is applied to the qualified item. To take advantage of this promotion, you must be a Cochlear Family member and place your order via the online Cochlear Store.

You may only use this promotional offer for orders in which you personally pay out-of-pocket. Please keep in mind, if you choose to self-pay today, you may not be able to submit a claim to your insurance on your own if Cochlear is contracted with your private insurance provider. Visit to see if Cochlear is contracted with your insurance provider. If Cochlear is contracted with your insurance provider, we suggest placing your order through Cochlear’s Reimbursement & Insurance Services. Promotional offers are not available if you wish to seek reimbursement coverage from Medicare, Medicaid, Kaiser, VA or Tricare.

Free shipping is valid on orders over $50 and shipped to single U.S. address after promotions and discounts are applied. Taxes do not qualify toward the minimum purchase requirement.

If any items purchased with SUMMER-21 promo code are returned, the discount may be subtracted from the return value.

Offer is not valid on:

a. Sound processor upgrades

b. Nucleus 7 Rechargeable Batteries (Z544556, Z544557, Z544558, Z544560, Z544561, Z544550, Z544551, Z544552, Z544553, Z544555, KIT00360, KIT00361, KIT00362, KIT00363, KIT00364, KIT00350, KIT00351, KIT00352, KIT00353, KIT00354, KIT00355, KIT00356, KIT00357, KIT00358, KIT00359, KIT00549, KIT00550, KIT00551, KIT00552, KIT00553, KIT00539, KIT00540, KIT00541, KIT00542, KIT00543, KIT00544, KIT00545, KIT00546, KIT00547, KIT00548).

Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss. They will be able to advise on a suitable solution for the hearing loss condition. All products should be used only as directed by your medical practitioner or health professional. Outcomes and results may vary. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative.

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