The Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor makes it easy to WearYourWay. Choose from a range of retention and wearing options to find the right fit for your personality and lifestyle. 

Device Retention

10 Product(s)
Set Descending Direction
  1. Cochlear Earhook

    Cochlear Earhook

  2. Cochlear Earmould Adaptor

    Cochlear Earmould Adaptor

  3. Cochlear Headworn Adaptor (Left)
  4. Cochlear Headworn Adaptor (Right)
  5. Cochlear Hugfit

    Cochlear Hugfit

  6. Cochlear Koala Clip

    Cochlear Koala Clip

  7. Cochlear Safety Cord (Bilateral)
  8. Cochlear Safety Cord (Unilateral)
  9. Cochlear Snugfit

    Cochlear Snugfit

  10. Aqua Plus Nucleus Safety Line-Z467062