As of July 1, 2018, Cochlear will no longer sell disposable batteries, but you are able to place an order with our partner, Micropower Battery Company. To place an order, please call (833) 663-3097 or visit

Batteries & Chargers

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  1. Nucleus 7 Standard Rechargeable Battery Module (CP1000)
  2. Nucleus 7 Compact Rechargeable Battery (CP1000)
  3. Cochlear Battery Holder

    Cochlear Battery Holder

  4. Cochlear Y Battery Charger
  5. Cochlear Battery Cover

    Cochlear Battery Cover

  6. Cochlear USB Battery Charger
  7. Cochlear USB Power Adaptor
  8. Nucleus 5 Series Tamper Resistant Locking Tool (z206768)
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