Baha 3 Power (BP110)

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  1. Baha Abutment Cover

    Baha Abutment Cover

  2. Baha Audio Adapter Short Cable (91180)

    Baha Audio Adaptor Cable

  3. Baha Audio Adaptor Cable (Long)

    Baha Audio Adaptor Cable (Long)

    The Baha Audio Adapter Cable allows you to connect directly MP3 players, TVs, Hi-fi equipment, and FM and IR systems.

  4. Baha Audio Adaptor Cable (Short)
  5. Baha Softband (Bilateral)

    Baha Softband (Bilateral)

  6. Baha Softband (Unilateral)
  7. Baha Softband Soft Pad

    Baha Softband Soft Pad

  8. Baha Softwear Pad

    Baha Softwear Pad

  9. Baha Sound Processor Safety Line-90711
  10. Baha Telecoil

    Baha Telecoil

  11. Battery Case Keyring-Z322700

    Battery Case Key Ring

  12. FUZ1000-Breeze by Dry and Store

    Breeze by Dry & Store

  13. FUS085-Dry Caddy Kit by Dry & Store
  14. FUS084-Dry-Brik II Desiccant

    Dry-Brik II Desiccant

  15. Y00020-Dying Capsule

    Drying Capsule

  16. Baha Magnetic Battery Removal Tool-92252
  17. 2836 Mini Super Dri Aid

    Mini Super Dri Aid

  18. Z342010-Nucles Storage Case

    Nucleus Storage Case

  19. Rayovac Battery (Size 675) Mercury Free

    Rayovac Battery (Size 675) Mercury Free

    As of July 1, 2018, Cochlear will no longer sell disposable batteries. We will provide a third-party vendor once disposable batteries are no longer available on the store.

  20. Zephyr by Dry & Store

    Zephyr by Dry & Store