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Nucleus 7 Aqua+ Kit

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Nucleus 7 Aqua+ Kit


Compatible with the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor and standard or compact sized rechargeable battery.

Compatible with Cochlear™ Profile™ Series, CI500 Series, CI24RE (Freedom) Series, CI24R and CI24M Implants.

It is not compatible with Cochlear™ Profile™ Plus Series Implants (CI612, CI622, CI632).

Product information


With the Standard Aqua+, your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is transformed into a waterproof (IP68) solution.

The Standard Aqua+ is a re-usable and sealable sleeve that fits over the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with the standard or compact sized battery.

Product colour

Available in blue/black

Cable length


What's included

2 Standard Aqua+ sleeves*
1 waterproof Aqua+ coil*
1 magnet**
2 Aqua+ Safety Lines
4 Mic Lock Stirrups
1 Waterproof case


* Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with Aqua+ is water resistant to level IP68 of the International Standard IEC60529. This water protection rating only applies when you use the Aqua+ and rechargeable batteries.
** Please consult with your hearing health professional if you are changing magnet strength or if you are not sure which implant model you have.