Nucleus Freedom

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  1. Nucleus Freedom BTE Controller

    Nucleus Freedom BTE Controller

  2. Nucleus Freedom Mini BTE Controller
  3. Freedom Babyworn Cable

    Freedom Babyworn Cable

  4. Nucleus Bodyworn Controller

    Nucleus Bodyworn Controller

  5. Nucleus Freedom Cable/Coil (N24)
  6. Nucleus Freedom Cable/Coil (N22)
  7. Freedom Rechargeable Battery

    Freedom Rechargeable Battery

  8. Freedom Lapel Microphone

    Lapel Microphone Cable

  9. Freedom TV/Hi Fi Adaptor Cable

    TV HiFi Cable

  10. Freedom Personal Audio Cable
  11. Dry & Store Unit

    Dry & Store Unit

  12. Freedom Tamper-resistant Battery Holder (3 Zinc Air)
  13. Nucleus Freedom Battery Holder (3 Zinc Air Batteries)
  14. Nucleus Freedom Monitor Earphones
  15. Nucleus Freedom Snugfit

    Nucleus Freedom Snugfit

  16. Nucleus Freedom Mic Lock

    Nucleus Freedom Mic Lock

  17. Power Supply for Nucleus Freedom Battery Charger
  18. Microphone Protectors

    Microphone Protectors

  19. Nucleus Sound Processor Care and Maintenance Kit
  20. Can-Type Desiccant

    Can-Type Desiccant

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