Baha 5

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  1. Baha Sound Processor Magnet

    Baha Sound Processor Magnet

  2. Cochlear Baha Remote Control 2

    Cochlear Baha Remote Control 2

  3. Baha Softband (Bilateral)

    Baha Softband (Bilateral)

  4. Baha Softband (Unilateral)

    Baha Softband (Unilateral)

  5. 95331-Baha 5 Sound Processor Battery Door (Tamper-proof)
  6. Reyovac Mercury Free Battery (Size 312)
  7. Baha Softwear Pad

    Baha Softwear Pad

  8. Baha 5 Sound Processor Battery Door
  9. Baha Sound Processor Storage Case (Attract System)
  10. Baha 5 Sound Processor Storage Case
  11. Test rod

    Test rod

  12. Baha Softband Soft Pad

    Baha Softband Soft Pad

  13. Magnetic Battery Removal Tool-1316179

    Magnetic Battery Removal Tool

  14. Baha Attract System Cover

    Baha Attract System Cover

  15. Baha Abutment Cover

    Baha Abutment Cover

  16. Z60764_Breeze Dry&Store

    Dry Brik by Dry & Store

  17. Microfibre Cloth

    Microfibre Cloth

  18. Baha Sound Processor Safety Line-90711

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