Baha 5

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  1. Baha Sound Processor Magnet

    Baha Sound Processor Magnet

  2. Cochlear Baha Remote Control 2

    Cochlear Baha Remote Control 2

  3. Baha Softband (Bilateral)

    Baha Softband (Bilateral)

  4. Baha Softband (Unilateral)

    Baha Softband (Unilateral)

  5. 95331-Baha 5 Sound Processor Battery Door (Tamper-proof)
  6. Reyovac Mercury Free Battery (Size 312)
  7. Baha Softwear Pad

    Baha Softwear Pad

  8. Baha 5 Sound Processor Battery Door
  9. Baha Sound Processor Storage Case (Attract System)
  10. Baha 5 Sound Processor Storage Case
  11. Test rod

    Test rod

  12. Baha Softband Soft Pad

    Baha Softband Soft Pad

  13. Baha Attract System Cover

    Baha Attract System Cover

  14. Baha Abutment Cover

    Baha Abutment Cover

  15. Z60764_Breeze Dry&Store

    Dry Brik by Dry & Store

  16. Microfibre Cloth

    Microfibre Cloth

  17. Baha Sound Processor Safety Line-90711

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