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Cochlear Nucleus Wireless TV Streamer (EU)

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Cochlear Nucleus Wireless TV Streamer (EU)

Numéro de l'article : KIT00251

Informations sur le produit

Watch TV at a sound level that suits you.

Enjoying TV with family and friends may be difficult for some if they don’t need the same volume or if there is background noise that makes it hard to understand and focus. The Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer delivers stereo sound directly to the sound processor from TV, stereo or other audio devices.

How does it work?

  • No on/off button; green light indicates it is powered and ready to start streaming.
  • No need to charge, micro USB at the back plugs straight into power source.
  • Start, stop and monitor streaming with CR210 Remote Control or CR230 Remote Assistant.

What are the benefits?

  • Enjoy TV viewing without turning up the volume and disturbing others.
  • Feeling switched on to what’s happening in the room i.e. conversations.
  • Dance to the music! Range up to seven metres gives freedom to move around.
  • Taking a quick break? Automatically reconnects if the range is briefly broken.
  • Share a favourite movie by pairing the TV streamer with as many sound processors as desired.

This item consists of:

  • Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer, EU
  • Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer, User Manual Zone 1 (EN, DE, IT, NL)

Compatible with Baha 5 SuperPower, 5 Power, 5 and 4 sound processors.

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