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Accessories to help you clean, maintain and store your Cochlear equipment correctly.

Cleaning & Storage

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  1. P793406_Kanso_Softwear_Pad

    Cochlear SoftWear Pad

  2. Dry & Store Breeze - UK/EU Power Pack (Z325644)

    Dry & Store Breeze

  3. P743078_Recipient_Backpack

    Recipient Backpack

  4. Recipient Backpack

    Recipient Backpack

  5. P740443_P743057_CP950_MicrophoneProtectorKit
  6. P740443_P743057_CP950_MicrophoneProtectorKit
  7. Cochlear SoftWear Pad

    Cochlear SoftWear Pad

  8. Z342010-Nucles Storage Case

    Storage Case

  9. Z206780-Everyday Case

    Everyday Case

  10. Microfibre Cloth

    Microfibre Cloth

  11. Screwdriver and Brush

    Screwdriver and Brush

  12. Dry & Store Dry-Brik Dessicant (FEZ00500)
  13. Drying Capsules

    Drying Capsules

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