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Kanso 2 (New)

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  1. Cochlear Home Charger

    Cochlear Home Charger

  2. Recipient Backpack

    Recipient Backpack

  3. Kanso 2 Aqua+

    Kanso 2 Aqua+

  4. Kanso 2 Headband

    Kanso 2 Headband

  5. Kanso 2 Headband (Paediatric)

    Kanso 2 Headband (Paediatric)

  6. Kanso 2 Microphone Cover

    Kanso 2 Microphone Cover

  7. Cochlear SoftWear Pad

    Cochlear SoftWear Pad

  8. Cochlear Home Charger Plug Pack
  9. Safety Line (Short)

    Safety Line (Short)

  10. Safety Line (Short Loop)

    Safety Line (Short Loop)

  11. Safety Line (Long)

    Safety Line (Long)

  12. Microfibre Cloth

    Microfibre Cloth

  13. Screwdriver and Brush

    Screwdriver and Brush

  14. Aqua Plus Nucleus Safety Line-Z467062

    Safety Line for Aqua+

  15. Nucleus Safety Line Hair Clip (Pack Of 5)

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