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Baha 3 (BP100)

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  1. Baha Softwear Pad

    Baha Softwear Pad

  2. Dry & Store Breeze - UK/EU Power Pack (Z325644)

    Dry & Store Breeze

  3. Baha Tamper-proof Battery Door

    Baha Tamper-proof Battery Door

  4. Baha Softband (Bilateral)

    Baha Softband (Bilateral)

  5. Baha Softband (Unilateral)

    Baha Softband (Unilateral)

  6. Baha Battery Door

    Baha Battery Door

  7. Baha Sound Processor Storage Case (Attract System)
  8. Baha Abutment Cover

    Baha Abutment Cover

  9. Dry & Store Dry-Brik Dessicant (FEZ00500)
  10. Baha Sound Processor Safety Line-90711

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