Cancellations policy

Cancellations policy

Please choose your Goods carefully, as we cannot cancel an Order after it is placed unless we agree to such cancellation in writing. If we agree to accept your cancellation, cancellation charges may apply.

We may cancel any part of an Order (including any Orders that we have accepted) without any liability to you for that cancellation at any time if:

  • the requested Goods or Services in that Order are not available;
  • there is an error in the price or the product description posted on the Online Store in relation to the relevant Good or Service in that Order; or
  • that Order has been placed in breach of these Terms of Sale.

If Cochlear does cancel any part of an Order, then we will endeavour to provide you with reasonable notice of that cancellation and we will refund to you, any money you have paid in respect of that Order.

Cochlear reserves the right to make changes to this Cancellations Policy without notice.
This Cancellations Policy is subject to our Terms of Sale.
Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised terms used in this Cancellations Policy are defined in the Terms of Sale.

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